Most League Goals

Below is the top 20 list of highest League goalscorers for Hull City.  The list excludes goals scored in other senior competitions. The table excludes own goals scored by opponents for City.

1.Chris Chilton
193 goals1960 to 1971
2.Ken Wagstaff173 goals1964 to 1975
3.Paddy Mills101 goals1920 to 1933
4.Jacky Smith
98 goals1905 to 1910
5.Keith Edwards86 goals1978 to 1989
6.Sammy Stevens84 goals1912 to 1920
7.Bill Bradbury
82 goals1955 to 1960
8.Ken Houghton79 goals1965 to 1973
8.Doug Clarke
79 goals1955 to 1964
10.Dean Windass77 goals1991 to 2008
10.Arthur Temple77 goals1907 to 1914
12.Ian Butler66 goals1965 to 1973
13.Stuart Elliott65 goals2002 to 2008
14.John McSeveney
60 goals1961 to 1965
15.Syd Gerrie
59 goals1950 to 1956
16.Bill McNaughton
57 goals1932 to 1934
16.Raich Carter57 goals1948 to 1952
18.Cliff Hubbard
56 goals1933 to 1939
19.George Martin55 goals1922 to 1928
19.Andy Payton
55 goals1987 to 1991

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