Most Appearances

Below is the top 20 list of appearance makers for Hull City.  The list includes all senior competitions, and includes substitute appearances as well as starts.

1.Andy Davidson579 appearances1952 to 1967
2.Garreth Roberts487 appearances1979 to 1990
3.Chris Chilton
477 appearances1960 to 1971
4.George Maddison456 appearances1924 to 1938
5.Tony Norman
442 appearances1980 to 1988
6.Billy Bly
438 appearances1939 to 1960
7.Ken Wagstaff434 appearances1964 to 1975
8.Matt Bell423 appearances1919 to 1931
9.Doug Clarke411 appearances1955 to 1964
10.Tom Bleakley389 appearances1919 to 1930
11.Roger DeVries362 appearances1970 to 1980
12.Brian Bulless357 appearances1953 to 1963
13.Ian Butler339 appearances1965 to 1973
14.Peter Skipper338 appearances1979 to 1988
15.Viggo Jensen
335 appearances1948 to 1956
16.Frank Banks
335 appearances1967 to 1976
17.Malcolm Lord333 appearances1967 to 1979
18.Les Collinson332 appearances1956 to 1967
19.Cliff Woodhead326 appearances1930 to 1939
20.Andy Dawson317 appearances2003 to 2013