Most FA Cup Appearances and Goals

Below are the top 5 lists of FA Cup appearance makers and goalscorers for Hull City.  The list includes substitute appearances as well as starts. The goals table excludes own goals scored by opponents for City.

Hull City – Most FA Cup Appearances

1.Andy Davidson
43 appearances1953 to 1967
2.Chris Chilton
39 appearances1960 to 1971
3.Billy Bly
35 appearances1946 to 1960
4.Doug Clarke
31 appearances1956 to 1964
5.Matt Bell30 appearances1920 to 1931

Hull City – Most FA Cup Goals

1.Chris Chilton
16 goals1960 to 1971
2.Ken Wagstaff14 goals1964 to 1975
3.Sammy Stevens9 goals1913 to 1920
3.Paddy Mills
9 goals1922 to 1933
3.Ken Houghton
9 goals1965 to 1973

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