Hull City’s All-Time Players

Here is a list of all players that have played one or more senior game for Hull City, from 1904 to the present day.  Each page is updated regularly with new information and upgraded content.

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Players whose nationality is shown in bold won international caps during their playing careers.  The number in brackets denotes caps won whilst playing for Hull City – so put a bracket in the search box and up pops the players capped while on the Tigers’ books.

No.Player NameDate of BirthPlace of BirthNationality
1Peter Howe20 July 1884SunderlandEngland
2Tom Jones30 September 1877NewportEngland
3Joe Leiper15 March 1873PartickScotland
4Oscar Mackrill5 March 1884HullEngland
5Bill Martin27 April 1883MillwallEngland
6Andrew Raisbeck10 April 1881SlamannanScotland
7George Rushton7 October 1880Stoke on TrentEngland
8George Spence27 September 1877RothesayScotland
9Jimmy Whitehouse14 April 1873BirminghamEngland
10Harry Wilkinson30 April 1883BuryEngland
11Fred Wolfe3 September 1883West HamEngland
12Davy Gordon29 December 1882LeithScotland
13Ambrose Langley10 March 1870HorncastleEngland
14William Robinson1 October 1880PrescotEngland
15Martin Spendiff24 June 1880North ShieldsEngland
16David Wilson23 July 1883HebburnEngland
17Harry Simmon23 March 1879BearparkEngland
18Jacky Smith29 September 1883WardleyEngland
19Billy Thornton16 March 1883SheffieldEngland
20George Browell21 November 1884WalbottleEngland
21Joe Smith17 June 1886BoosbeckEngland
22George Brooks1880HullEngland
23Matthew CarneyunknownBeverleyEngland
24George Cook25 January 1885HullEngland
25Harry Davies13 December 1875TibbertonEngland
26Ben Frost17 March 1877HullEngland
27Patrick Lavery28 February 1884WalkerEngland
28Jack Manning8 March 1886BostonEngland
29Ellis Hall22 June 1889EcclesfieldEngland
30George Hedley1882LanchesterEngland
31Gordon Wright3 October 1884Englefield GreenEngland (1)
32Walter Goodin1883HullEngland
33Walter Dagnall3 March 1879PrescotEngland
34Ned Neve3 May 1885PrescotEngland
35Frank Pearson18 May 1884ManchesterEngland
36Jack McQuillan1 September 1885Boldon CollieryEngland
37Henry West30 March 1883HullEngland
38Harry Hall16 February 1887EcclesfieldEngland
39Ted Dixon1884EasingtonEngland
40Edward Roughley30 July 1879BickerstaffeEngland
41Joe Shaw19 February 1883South HyltonEngland
42Arthur Temple23 January 1887Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
43Frank Martin3 January 1887GatesheadEngland
44William Stephenson1888WhitburnEngland
45Tommy Nevins17 March 1886UsworthEngland
46Jock Taylor12 December 1885 ElginScotland
47Teddy Gilberthorpe28 March 1886BarlowEngland
48John Morrison20 December 1885JarrowEngland
49Tim Wright11 May 1885PatringtonEngland
50Andy Browell17 September 1889WalbottleEngland
51Arthur Pace4 September 1885Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
52Ernest Storey1888BirtleyEngland
53Alf Toward31 May 1882CastlesideEngland
54Wallace Smith24 October 1881CoventryEngland
55Archibald Musgrave11 November 1883CarlisleEngland
56George Walden31 March 1888PoplarEngland
57Vincent Townend20 June 1889SelbyEngland
58Dan Gordon7 January 1881West CalderScotland
59James McIntosh25 May 1886GlasgowScotland
60Edwin Smith28 February 1888BirminghamEngland
61Tommy Browell19 October 1892WalbottleEngland
62Jack Houghton23 October 1888WallsendEngland
63Herbert Pearce5 March 1889Bethnal GreenEngland
64William Robson5 August 1892UsworthEngland
65Harry Chapman23 February 1880Kiveton ParkEngland
66Charles Best11 October 1888BoosbeckEngland
67Alf Fenwick26 March 1891HamsterleyEngland
68Thomas Hedley4 August 1889GatesheadEngland
69Sammy Stevens18 November 1890NethertonEngland
70Billy McDonald1892QuebecEngland
71Nick Hendry7 January 1887YorkEngland
72Frederick Shaw25 April 1891Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
73Stan Fazackerley3 October 1891PrestonEngland
74Bert Goode12 August 1886ChesterEngland
75Paddy O’Connell8 March 1887WestmeathIreland (3)
76John Boyton4 April 1889GlasgowScotland
77Sam Lyon20 January 1890PrescotEngland
78Joe Potts25 February 1889Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
79James Briggs25 December 1893West MoorEngland
80Joe Edelston27 April 1891Appley BridgeEngland
81Robert Hewitson13 September 1888NewburnEngland
82John Pattison3 May 1889BedlingtonEngland
83Andrew Byrne1891DublinIreland
84Billy Halligan13 January 1886AthloneIreland
85Henry McCorry11 March 1888FellingEngland
86Doug Morgan18 June 1890InverkeithingScotland
87John Lee6 November 1890SheffieldEngland
88Jack Lyon3 November 1893PrescotEngland
89William Cameron2 December 1883GlasgowScotland
90Thomas Murray7 April 1889MiddlesbroughEngland
91David Melville24 April 1891GlasgowScotland
92Dave Mercer20 March 1893St HelensEngland
93Charlie Deacey6 October 1889HandsworthEngland
94James Medcalf2 May 1895ScarboroughEngland
95Charlie Betts2 February 1886ScunthorpeEngland
96James Middlehurst17 November 1892PrescotEngland
97Henry Turner17 October 1893WallsendEngland
98Billy Mercer27 May 1888PrescotEngland
99James Cleland23 May 1888CurraghIreland
100Tom Bleakley16 May 1893Little HultonEngland
101Bobby Hughes5 August 1891PelawEngland
102George Morrall1893BirminghamEngland
103Cecil Potter14 November 1888West HoathlyEngland
104Arthur Wigglesworth26 October 1891HullEngland
105Matt Bell8 July 1897West HartlepoolEngland
106Arthur Charlesworth4 February 1898MorleyEngland
107George Jacketts8 March 1887HullEngland
108Thomas Mason26 July 1893HullEngland
109Jimmy Lodge11 January 1895FellingEngland
110William JohnsonunknownBeverleyEngland
111Jackie Crawford26 September 1896JarrowEngland
112William ClarkunknownunknownEngland
113Jack Needham4 March 1887NewsteadEngland
114Eric Wadsworth30 April 1894GooleEngland
115Tom Brandon28 May 1893BlackburnEngland
116Jock Collier1 February 1897DysartScotland
117Mike Gilhooley26 November 1894EdinburghScotland (1)
118William Henzell9 June 1897Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
119Charlie Flood18 July 1896NewportEngland
120Joe Harron27 February 1901Langley ParkEngland
121Harry Wilson1896BelfastIreland
122Daniel McKinney9 November 1898BelfastIreland (1)
123Harry Sergeaunt2 January 1892RichmondEngland
124George Stoddart9 March 1897KirkcaldyScotland
125Paddy Mills23 February 1900Multan
126Sam Cheetham3 December 1896St HelensEngland
127George Davies19 January 1897PrescotEngland
128Syd Garrett1899HullEngland
129Campbell McMurray26 June 1893DumbartonScotland
130James Marshall20 November 1893WallsendEngland
131Sam Ranby29 October 1897HullEngland
132Bill Smith9 April 1897Langley ParkEngland
133Henry Ryley4 January 1894HullEngland
134Robert Coverdale16 January 1892HartlepoolEngland
135Joe Kitchen20 June 1890BriggEngland
136Ernie Blenkinsop20 April 1902CudworthEngland
137Jack Stansfield14 July 1896BradfordEngland
138Harold Slater8 May 1899RawdonEngland
139Bob Scorer5 October 1898FellingEngland
140Dermot Doyle1898DublinIreland
141Thomas Eccles1 January 1900HullEngland
142Danny Bew22 March 1896SunderlandEngland
143Jock Gibson23 March 1898Philadephia
144Arthur Briggs27 May 1900Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
145George Hall26 August 1895NewbottleEngland
146Jock McGee13 July 1896RothesayScotland
147Alec Thom11 October 1894StevenstonScotland
148George Martin14 July 1899BothwellScotland
149John Middlemas17 January 1896EasingtonEngland
150James Wood15 January 1901BykerEngland
151John Rumney30 March 1898DiptonEngland
152Allan Livingstone2 December 1899AlexandriaScotland
153James Loughran10 September 1897Seaham CollieryEngland
154Thomas Adey22 February 1901Easington LaneEngland
155Alf Thomas17 May 1895Shotton CollieryEngland
156Thomas Smith7 June 1901Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
157William Walker8 October 1898High SpenEngland
158Bill Johnson12 November 1902Seaton DelavalEngland
159Harry Lewis19 December 1896BirkenheadEngland
160Thomas Mordue22 June 1905KimblesworthEngland
161Tommy Hamilton28 August 1901StevenstonScotland
162Harry Havelock20 January 1901HartlepoolEngland
163George Richardson4 December 1891Seaham HarbourEngland
164Ralph Hedley31 May 1897CamboisEngland
165James Keen25 November 1895WalkerEngland
166Griffith Owen16 November 1902LiverpoolEngland
167Samuel Hamilton2 May 1902BelfastIreland
168Alf Jordan1 December 1900BelfastIreland
169Ronald Haworth10 March 1901Lower DarwenEngland
170Mick O’Brien10 August 1893KilcockIreland (4)
171John Goulden26 December 1903SunderlandEngland
172George Maddison14 August 1902BirtleyEngland
173James Iremonger5 June 1901WilfordEngland
174Jack Robson24 March 1906BirtleyEngland
175Herbert Bown3 May 1893LimehouseEngland
176Ronnie Mitchell5 September 1902Port SunlightEngland
177Thomas Wilkinson8 February 1904FellingEngland
178Chris Swan4 December 1900BykerEngland
179Patrick Lee6 January 1903UddingstonScotland
180Alf Horne16 March 1904BirminghamEngland
181William Cowan28 November 1900GatesheadEngland
182George Whitworth14 July 1896NorthamptonEngland
183Joe Campbell31 October 1903WalkerEngland
184Ellis Jones5 April 1900OakenshawEngland
185John Keers6 March 1901Pity MeEngland
186Joseph Murray28 August 1908HullEngland
187Gordon Wilson18 June 1904West AucklandEngland
188Joe Brayson12 December 1901Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
189Stan Dixon26 May 1894ChoppingtonEngland
190George McLaughlin18 January 1904BridgetonScotland
191Billy Taylor5 June 1898Langley GreenEngland
192James Hart2 January 1903GlasgowScotland
193Neil Sullivan6 June 1903TynemouthEngland
194Harry Scott4 February 1897Langley ParkEngland
195George Guyan5 April 1901AberdeenScotland
196Tommy Wyper8 October 1900CoatbridgeScotland
197Charlie Lloyd27 September 1906Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
198Jimmy Howieson7 June 1900RutherglenScotland
199John Morris13 July 1899NewarthillScotland
200Stan Alexander17 September 1905Percy MainEngland
201Peter Mooney22 March 1895Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
202Ronnie Starling11 October 1909PelawEngland
203James Crozier29 October 1906GlasgowScotland
204Arthur Nelson15 May 1909DarnallEngland
205Jack Watson24 June 1906AberdeenScotland
206Fred Gibson18 June 1907SomercotesEngland
207Bill Barraclough3 January 1909HullEngland
208Arthur Childs25 April 1904AcombEngland
209Ken McDonald24 April 1898LlanwrstWales
210Arthur Prince8 December 1902BucknallEngland
211Sam Smith14 November 1904StaffordEngland
212Jimmy Walsh15 May 1901StockportEngland
213Sam Weaver8 February 1909PilsleyEngland
214Dally Duncan14 October 1909AberdeenScotland
215Foster Hedley6 January 1908South ShieldsEngland
216George Goldsmith11 March 1905LoftusEngland
217Bert Turner3 September 1907SheffieldEngland
218Jack Vickers7 August 1908Auckland ParkEngland
219Arthur Rodgers8 February 1907MexboroughEngland
220Philip Cartwright8 February 1908ScarboroughEngland
221Bill Gowdy24 December 1903BelfastIreland (1)
222Bernard Bradford13 February 1906WalkerEngland
223Harold March30 January 1904GamstonEngland
224Robert Fawcett31 July 1903UsworthEngland
225Emlyn Williams1903AberamanWales
226Thomas Surrey31 October 1907BlaydonEngland
227Tommy Flannigan27 April 1907EdinburghScotland
228Tony Weldon12 November 1900MotherwellScotland
229Albert Harris16 September 1912HordenEngland
230Simeon Raleigh24 March 1909BrinsworthEngland
231Albert Cooke11 April 1908RoystonEngland
232Eric Longden18 May 1904GoldthorpeEngland
233Martin Davin9 May 1905DumbartonScotland
234Cliff Woodhead17 August 1908DarfieldEngland
235John Jobson29 July 1908BurradonEngland
236Fred Speed7 April 1909Annfield PlainEngland
237Fred Wright1 December 1908RuddingtonEngland
238Andy Duncan25 January 1911RentonScotland
239Harry Barley2 January 1905WinteringhamEngland
240Billy Newton14 May 1893CramlingtonEngland
241Charlie Wrack28 December 1899BostonEngland
242Eddie Munnings6 July 1906BostonEngland
243Jack Diamond30 October 1910MiddlesbroughEngland
244Jimmy Thompson19 April 1898West HamEngland
245Russell Wainscoat28 July 1898RetfordEngland
246Jack Hill2 March 1897Hetton-le-HoleEngland
247Bobby Turner14 February 1910LeicesterEngland
248Percy Downes19 September 1905LangoldEngland
249Mervyn Allen16 October 1909BargoedWales
250Tom Shelton21 December 1907NottinghamEngland
251Bill McNaughton8 December 1905PoplarEngland
252Charlie Sargeant2 February 1909CornsayEngland
253George Stott31 January 1906North ShieldsEngland
254William Bell17 March 1905North SeatonEngland
255Fred Forward8 September 1899CroydonEngland
256Tommy Gardner28 May 1910HuytonEngland
257Stanley Denby19 June 1912GooleEngland
258Davy Jordan7 April 1911BelfastIreland
259Arthur Bullock7 October 1909HullEngland
260Edgar Ainsworth8 September 1910HullEngland
261Andrew Mitchell20 April 1907CoxhoeEngland
262Cliff Hubbard16 December 1912WorksopEngland
263Arthur Atkinson30 September 1909GooleEngland
264George McKenzie27 January 1908BuckieScotland
265James McAinsh13 October 1913ClackmannanScotland
266Jim Melville15 March 1909Barrow in FurnessEngland
267John Quantick6 July 1909CwmWales
268Thomas Burdett22 October 1915HartlepoolEngland
269Edward Lloyd25 July 1905OldhamEngland
270Les Dodds20 September 1912Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
271Ray Lawrance18 September 1911GainsboroughEngland
272Tom Helsby4 April 1904RuncornEngland
273William Higgins7 April 1916RutherglenScotland
274Duncan Hutchison3 March 1904KeltyScotland
275John Moore6 September 1912GatesheadEngland
276William Tabram19 January 1909SwanseaWales
277Bob Thomson24 October 1905FalkirkScotland
278Dave Wright5 October 1905KirkcaldyScotland
279Harry Miller27 September 1910GainsboroughEngland
280Hugh Farquharson17 September 1910PaisleyScotland
281Bill Charlton4 June 1912South StonehamEngland
282Jack Acquroff9 September 1911ChelseaEngland
283Cliff Thorley12 November 1913West MeltonEngland
284Sydney Sims23 December 1914NottinghamEngland
285John Mackie1 March 1910CoatbridgeScotland
286Harry Pinkerton7 May 1916KilsythScotland
287Thomas Foster20 November 1913HullEngland
288Dick Spivey18 August 1916HullEngland
289Ken Cameron4 April 1906HamiltonScotland
290Gordon Dreyer1 June 1914SunderlandEngland
291Leo Dunne17 June 1908DublinIreland
292Max Holmes24 December 1908PinchbeckEngland
293Bob Yorke31 March 1913HaddingtonScotland
294Dai Davies5 December 1914AberdareWales
295John Neish14 January 1911ElginScotland
296James Martin28 November 1908ManchesterEngland
297John McPheat25 August 1911LongriggendScotland
298Alex Sharp12 November 1910GlenbuckScotland
299Robert Don22 March 1914GlasgowScotland
300Austen Campbell5 May 1901EbchesterEngland
301Joe Cassidy19 November 1914GovanScotland
302Norman Kitchen26 July 1911SunderlandEngland
303James Nicol26 January 1911EdinburghScotland
304Reuben Bennett21 December 1913AberdeenScotland
305Stan Dimbleby27 November 1916KillingholmeEngland
306Wally Annables31 October 1912SwintonEngland
307Edmund Edwards15 November 1909TudhoeEngland
308Jackie Mayson24 October 1908SouthportEngland
309George Llewellyn9 October 1910AbercwmboiWales
310Jim Treanor11 October 1913Heap BridgeEngland
311Jack Wilkinson13 June 1902Wath-on-DearneEngland
312Jerry Best23 January 1901MickleyEngland
313Ernie Bell22 July 1918HullEngland
314George Baldry26 May 1911CleethorpesEngland
315Jim Blyth9 August 1911GorebridgeScotland
316Jack Fryer23 September 1911WidnesEngland
317William Mackay19 March 1910TogstonEngland
318John McNeill21 April 1909Valletta
319Jack Pears23 February 1904OrmskirkEngland
320Charles Robinson20 August 1905RotherhamEngland
321Jack Hardy15 June 1910ChesterfieldEngland
322Edward Goodall19 October 1913South ShieldsEngland
323David Parker27 May 1915LiverpoolEngland
324Matt Lawrence3 April 1909Cefn-y-BeddWales
325Horace Cumner31 March 1918CwmamanWales
326Arthur Cunliffe5 February 1909BlackrodEngland
327Jack Dowen31 October 1914WolverhamptonEngland
328John Ellis25 January 1908TyldesleyEngland
329Harold Huxford2 February 1916GrimsbyEngland
330Bill White24 May 1907KirkcaldyScotland
331Billy Dickinson18 February 1906WiganEngland
332Clifford Sherwood21 March 1916Merthyr TydfilWales
333George Salvidge2 October 1919BridlingtonEngland
334George Wienand27 April 1910East London
South Africa
South Africa
335Ben Darling23 March 1916Houghton-le-SpringEngland
336George Richardson12 December 1912WorksopEngland
337Harold Meens15 October 1919RotherhamEngland
338Ray Clubley28 November 1921BeverleyEngland
339Archer Stokes31 January 1920West EllaEngland
340Billy Bly15 May 1920Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
341Harry Brown23 May 1918WorkingtonEngland
342Jimmy Greenhalgh25 August 1923ManchesterEngland
343Bert Knott5 December 1914GooleEngland
344Jack Koffman3 August 1920PrestwichEngland
345Frank McGorrighan20 November 1921EasingtonEngland
346John Sheen30 August 1920AirdrieScotland
347Dennis Smith22 August 1925NelsonEngland
348Arthur Watson12 July 1913South HiendleyEngland
349Cyril Crawshaw2 March 1916Barton Upon IrwellEngland
350Glanville Jones27 February 1921Merthyr TydfilWales
351Stan Montgomery7 July 1920West HamEngland
352Peter Cook1 February 1927HullEngland
353Norman Fowler3 September 1919Stockton on TeesEngland
354Wilf Hassall23 September 1923ManchesterEngland
355Benny Lester10 February 1920SheffieldEngland
356Alan SmithunknownHullEngland
357Jack Brownsword15 May 1923CampsallEngland
358Cliff Chadwick26 January 1914BoltonEngland
359Bert Wright4 February 1920SheffieldEngland
360Cyril Hannaby10 October 1923DoncasterEngland
361James Mills30 September 1915Dalton BrookEngland
362Jack Peach4 April 1923BarnsleyEngland
363David Davidson19 March 1926Douglas WaterScotland
364Harvey Elliott21 January 1922MiddletonEngland
365Joe Carter23 April 1920BingleyEngland
366Trevor Atkinson19 November 1928DodworthEngland
367Paddy Brown20 March 1923BallymoneyNorthern Ireland
368Dennis Thompson10 April 1924WhitburnEngland
369Jack Major12 March 1929IslingtonEngland
370Ken Harrison20 January 1926Stockton on TeesEngland
371Peter Atkinson13 September 1924MiddlesbroughEngland
372Denis Durham26 September 1923East HaltonEngland
373James Jones23 October 1925ManchesterEngland
374Norman Moore15 October 1919GrimsbyEngland
375Ted Alberry21 July 1922DoncasterEngland
376Sam Johnson10 February 1919BarntonEngland
377Len Robertson10 March 1916MiddlesbroughEngland
378Tom Teasdale27 February 1927EasingtonEngland
379Martin Reagan12 May 1924ScotswoodEngland
380Con Gallacher25 April 1920LocheeScotland
381Jack Taylor15 February 1914BarnsleyEngland
382Tom Berry31 March 1922Clayton-le-MoorsEngland
383Allan Mellor16 October 1921DroylsdenEngland
384Alan Daley11 October 1927MansfieldEngland
385Alec Bloxham2 July 1920PleasleyEngland
386George Murphy22 July 1915WattsvilleWales
387John Wright16 November 1922South ShieldsEngland
388Willie Buchan17 October 1914GrangemouthScotland
389Alec Corbett20 April 1921SaltcoatsScotland
390Jimmy Bloomer10 April 1926RutherglenScotland
391Andy Conway17 February 1923South ShieldsEngland
392Raich Carter21 December 1913SunderlandEngland
393George King5 January 1923WarkworthEngland
394Eddie Burbanks1 April 1913CampsallEngland
395Viggo Jensen29 March 1921Skagen
396Billy Price10 April 1917HadleyEngland
397Ken White15 March 1922SelbyEngland
398Joe Robinson4 March 1919MorpethEngland
399Ernie Shepherd14 August 1919WombwellEngland
400Gerry Bowler8 June 1919LondonderryIreland (3)
401Frank Seddon1 May 1928Stockton on TeesEngland
402Don Revie10 July 1927MiddlesbroughEngland
403Bobby Gibson5 August 1927AshingtonEngland
404Fred Smith14 February 1926AberdeenScotland
405Alex Gibson25 January 1925GlasgowScotland
406Jimmy Lee26 January 1926RotherhamEngland
407John Neal3 April 1932SeahamEngland
408Bill Harris31 October 1928SwanseaWales
409Alf Ackerman5 January 1929Pretoria
South Africa
South Africa
410Ted Tarrant12 February 1932StainforthEngland
411Gordon Inwood18 June 1928KislingburyEngland
412Frank Varney27 November 1929OxfordEngland
413Syd Gerrie14 June 1927AberdeenScotland
414Neil Franklin24 January 1922Stoke-on-TrentEngland
415Jack Savage14 December 1929BromleyEngland
416Len Gaynor22 September 1925OllertonEngland
417Jimmy Duthie23 September 1923RescobieScotland
418Alan Moore7 March 1927HebburnEngland
419Paddy Fagan7 June 1930DublinIreland
420Paul Todd8 May 1920MiddlesbroughEngland
421Johnny Linaker14 January 1927SouthportEngland
422Charlie Nicklas26 April 1930SunderlandEngland
423Trevor Porteous9 October 1933HullEngland
424Ernie Phillips29 November 1923North ShieldsEngland
425Les Robson1 November 1931South ShieldsEngland
426Terry Murray22 May 1928DublinIreland
427Andy Davidson13 July 1932Douglas WaterScotland
428Frank Harrison12 November 1931GatesheadEngland
429Ken Horton26 August 1922PrestonEngland
430Cliff Bursell16 January 1935HullEngland
431Brian Cripsey26 June 1931HullEngland
432Johnny Stephens26 June 1935CardiffWales
433Paul Feasey4 May 1933HullEngland
434Brian Bulless4 September 1933HullEngland
435Charlie Atkinson17 December 1932HullEngland
436Norman Wilkinson16 February 1931AlnwickEngland
437Tommy Forgan12 October 1929MiddlesbroughEngland
438Bob Crosbie2 September 1925GlasgowScotland
439David Teece1 September 1927RhodesEngland
440Johnnie Downie19 July 1925LanarkScotland
441Tom Dryburgh23 April 1923KirkcaldyScotland
442Ray Smith13 September 1934HullEngland
443Ron Tulloch15 July 1932Pretoria
South Africa
South Africa
444Brian Whitnall25 May 1933Adwick le StreetEngland
445Wilf Mannion16 May 1918South BankEngland
446Bob Dennison12 September 1932HullEngland
447Mike Head13 April 1933HullEngland
448Ron Capewell26 July 1929SheffieldEngland
449George Patterson15 September 1934SunderlandEngland
450Tommy Martin21 December 1924GlasgowScotland
451Harold Kirman3 December 1930HullEngland
452Terry Peacock18 April 1935HullEngland
453Jim Duncan2 April 1938HullEngland
454Bill Bradbury3 April 1933MatlockEngland
455Bernard Fisher23 February 1934YorkEngland
456Doug Clarke19 January 1934BoltonEngland
457Stan Mortensen26 May 1921South ShieldsEngland
458David Fraser6 June 1937NewtongrangeScotland
459Mauno Rintanen28 April 1925Vaasa
460Ken Smales3 May 1932HullEngland
461David Coates11 April 1935WashingtonEngland
462Les Collinson2 December 1935HullEngland
463Colin Smith3 March 1936DoncasterEngland
464Norman Nielson6 November 1928Johannesburg
South Africa
South Africa
465Jack Bennion2 April 1934BurnleyEngland
466Len Round21 May 1928Wall HeathEngland
467Neil Cubie3 November 1932Cape Town
South Africa
South Africa
468Keith Bentley27 July 1936HullEngland
469Ben Bridges3 February 1937HullEngland
470Brian Garvey3 July 1937HullEngland
471Vic Metcalfe3 February 1922Barrow in FurnessEngland
472Mike Bowering15 November 1936HullEngland
473Chris Morris12 October 1939SpilsbyEngland
474Barry Lord17 November 1937GooleEngland
475Graham Wilkinson21 October 1934HullEngland
476Mike Milner21 September 1939HullEngland
477Charlie Crickmore11 February 1942HullEngland
478Jackie Sewell24 January 1927WhitehavenEngland
479Mick Brown11 July 1939WalsallEngland
480Ralph Gubbins31 January 1932Ellesmere PortEngland
481Roy Shiner15 November 1924RydeEngland
482Dave King24 October 1940HullEngland
483Joe Stocks27 November 1941HullEngland
484Chris Chilton25 June 1943HullEngland
485Eric McMillan2 November 1936BeverleyEngland
486Peter Nicholson11 February 1936HullEngland
487Dudley Price17 November 1931SwanseaWales
488Eric Holah3 August 1937HullEngland
489Ray Henderson31 March 1937WallsendEngland
490John McSeveney8 February 1931ShottsScotland
491Les Green17 October 1941AtherstoneEngland
492Alan Shaw9 October 1943PrestonEngland
493Chris Simpkin24 April 1944HullEngland
494Mick Granger7 October 1931LeedsEngland
495Len Sharpe29 November 1932ScunthorpeEngland
496Archie Taylor7 November 1939DunscroftEngland
497Mike Williams23 October 1944HullEngland
498George Cummins12 March 1931DublinIreland
499Billy Wilkinson24 March 1943Stockton on TeesEngland
500Dennis Butler7 March 1943Parsons GreenEngland
501Ron Rafferty6 May 1934South ShieldsEngland
502Maurice Swan27 September 1938DublinIreland
503Gerry Summers4 October 1933BirminghamEngland
504Norman Corner16 February 1943HordenEngland
505Terry Heath17 November 1943LeicesterEngland
506Ron Young31 August 1945DunstonEngland
507Ken Wagstaff24 November 1942LangwithEngland
508Ian Butler1 February 1944DartonEngland
509Ken Houghton18 October 1939RotherhamEngland
510Alan Jarvis4 August 1943WrexhamWales (3)
511Paddy Greenwood17 October 1946HullEngland
512Ian McKechnie4 October 1941BellshillScotland
513Don Beardsley23 October 1946AlythScotland
514Ray Pettit11 December 1946HullEngland
515Ian Davidson31 January 1947GooleEngland
516Malcolm Lord25 October 1946DriffieldEngland
517David Lill17 February 1947AldbroughEngland
518Norman Lees18 November 1948Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
519Frank Banks21 August 1945HullEngland
520Tom Wilson29 November 1940RosewellScotland
521Paul O’Riley17 October 1950PrescotEngland
522Geoff Barker7 February 1949HullEngland
523Stuart Blampey13 June 1951North FerribyEngland
524Barry McCunnell20 September 1948HullEngland
525Stuart Pearson21 June 1949HullEngland
526Roger deVries25 October 1950HullEngland
527Terry Neill8 May 1942BelfastNorthern Ireland (15)
528Steve Holbrook16 September 1952RichmondEngland
529Bill Baxter23 April 1939EdinburghScotland
530Ken Knighton20 February 1944DartonEngland
531Peter Walters8 June 1952WhickhamEngland
532Roy Greenwood26 September 1952LeedsEngland
533Mel Green20 October 1951HullEngland
534Jimmy McGill27 November 1946GlasgowScotland
535John Kaye3 March 1940GooleEngland
536Jeff Wealands26 August 1951DarlingtonEngland
537Phil Holme21 June 1947Briton FerryWales
538Stuart Croft12 April 1954AshingtonEngland
539Jeff Hemmerman25 February 1955HullEngland
540John Hawley8 May 1954PatringtonEngland
541Steve Deere31 March 1948Burnham MarketEngland
542Chris Galvin24 November 1951HuddersfieldEngland
543Dennis Burnett27 September 1944BermondseyEngland
544Vince Grimes13 May 1954ScunthorpeEngland
545Gordon Staniforth23 March 1957HullEngland
546Peter Fletcher2 December 1953ManchesterEngland
547Peter Daniel12 December 1955HullEngland
548Alf Wood25 October 1945MacclesfieldEngland
549Dave Roberts26 January 1949SouthamptonWales (11)
550Eddie Blackburn18 April 1957Houghton-le-SpringEngland
551Dave Stewart20 May 1958BelfastNorthern Ireland (1)
552Paul Haigh4 May 1958ScarboroughEngland
553David Gibson14 February 1958SeahamEngland
554George Lyall4 May 1947WickScotland
555Dave Sunley6 February 1952SkeltonEngland
556Jimmy McIntosh19 August 1950ForfarScotland
557Ian Dobson3 October 1957HullEngland
558Grahame McGifford1 May 1955CarshaltonEngland
559Gordon Nisbet18 September 1951WallsendEngland
560Billy Bremner9 December 1942StirlingScotland
561John Hickton24 September 1944BrimingtonEngland
562Rob McDonald22 January 1959HullEngland
563Bruce Bannister14 April 1947BradfordEngland
564Alan Warboys18 April 1949GoldthorpeEngland
565David Hawker29 November 1958HullEngland
566Alan Hoult7 October 1957BurbageEngland
567Derek Hood17 December 1958WashingtonEngland
568Keith Edwards16 July 1957MiddlesbroughEngland
569John Farley21 September 1951MiddlesbroughEngland
570Micky Horswill6 March 1953Annfield PlainEngland
571Peter Skipper11 April 1958HullEngland
572Garreth Roberts15 November 1960HullEngland
573Craig Norrie22 July 1960HullEngland
574Trevor Phillips18 September 1952RotherhamEngland
575Paul Moss2 August 1957BirminghamEngland
576Mick Tait30 September 1956WallsendEngland
577Brian Marwood5 February 1960Seaham HarbourEngland
578Tony Norman24 February 1958MancotWales (5)
579Dale Roberts8 October 1956Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
580Nick Deacy19 July 1953CardiffWales
581Steve Richards24 October 1961DundeeScotland
582Ian Bennyworth15 January 1962HullEngland
583Steve McClaren3 May 1961FulfordEngland
584Dennis Booth9 April 1949Stanley CommonEngland
585Gary Swann11 April 1962YorkEngland
586John Roberts11 September 1946AbercynonWales
587Mark Kilgallon20 December 1962GlasgowScotland
588Bobby McNeil1 November 1962BellshillScotland
589Dave Kynman20 May 1962HullEngland
590Andy Flounders13 December 1963HullEngland
591Billy Whitehurst10 June 1959ThurnscoeEngland
592Steve Hoolickin13 December 1951MostonEngland
593Brian Ferguson14 December 1960IrvineScotland
594Les Mutrie1 April 1952Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
595John Davies18 November 1959LlandyssilWales
596Stuart Eccleston4 October 1961Stoke-on-TrentEngland
597Keith Parkinson28 January 1956PrestonEngland
598Neil Thompson2 October 1963BeverleyEngland
599Ian Davis1 February 1965HullEngland
600Billy Askew2 October 1959Great LumleyEngland
601Billy Woof16 August 1956GatesheadEngland
602Emlyn Hughes28 August 1947BarrowEngland
603Steve Massey28 March 1958DentonEngland
604Kim Wassell9 June 1957WolverhamptonEngland
605Neil Cockin6 September 1965North FerribyEngland
606Mike Hollifield2 May 1961MiddlesbroughEngland
607Gary Gill28 November 1964MiddlesbroughEngland
608Andy Saville12 December 1964HullEngland
609Alan Taylor14 November 1953HinckleyEngland
610Stan McEwan8 June 1957CambuskennethScotland
611Paul Blackburn31 August 1954LowestoftEngland
612Paul Olsson24 December 1965HullEngland
613Brian Horton4 February 1949HednesfordEngland
614Lawrie Pearson2 July 1965WallsendEngland
615Mike Ring13 February 1961BrightonEngland
616Neil Williams23 October 1964Waltham AbbeyEngland
617Steve Brentano9 November 1961HullEngland
618Richard Jobson9 May 1963CottinghamEngland
619Frankie Bunn6 November 1962BirminghamEngland
620Bobby Doyle27 December 1953DumbartonScotland
621Garry Parker7 September 1965OxfordEngland
622Pat Heard17 March 1960HullEngland
623Nicky Brown16 October 1966HullEngland
624Ray Daniel10 December 1964LutonEngland
625Gary Ablett19 November 1965LiverpoolEngland
626Terry Curran20 March 1955KinsleyEngland
627Steve Corkain25 February 1967Stockton on TeesEngland
628Leigh Jenkinson9 July 1969ThorneEngland
629Neil Buckley25 September 1968HullEngland
630Alex Dyer14 November 1965Forest GateEngland
631Charlie Palmer10 July 1963AylesburyEngland
632Andy Payton23 October 1967BurnleyEngland
633Les Thompson23 September 1968CleethorpesEngland
634Gavin Kelly29 September 1968BeverleyEngland
635Gordon Owen14 June 1959BarnsleyEngland
636Peter Barnes10 June 1957ManchesterEngland
637Ken De Mange3 September 1964DublinIreland (1)
638Wayne Jacobs3 February 1969SheffieldEngland
639Tim Hotte4 October 1963BradfordEngland
640John Moore1 October 1966ConsettEngland/Hong Kong
641Steve Terry14 June 1962ClaptonEngland
642Lee Warren28 February 1969ManchesterEngland
643Mike Smith19 December 1968HullEngland
644Iain Hesford4 March 1960Ndola
645Mark Calvert11 September 1970ConsettEngland
646Malcolm Murray26 July 1964BuckieScotland
647Dougie Bell5 September 1959PaisleyScotland
648Ian McParland4 October 1961EdinburghScotland
649Peter Swan28 September 1966LeedsEngland
650Paul Mudd13 November 1970HullEngland
651Steve Doyle2 June 1958NeathWales
652Paul Wheeler3 January 1965CaerphillyWales
653Graeme Atkinson11 November 1971HullEngland
654Richard Shaw11 September 1968BrentfordEngland
655Herry Ngata24 August 1971Whanganui
New Zealand
New Zealand
656Dave Bamber1 February 1959St HelensEngland
657Malcolm Shotton16 February 1957Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
658Paul Hunter30 August 1968KirkcaldyScotland
659Leigh Palin12 September 1965WorcesterEngland
660Gwyn Thomas26 September 1957SwanseaWales
661Paul Waites24 January 1971HullEngland
662Tony Finnigan17 October 1962WimbledonEngland
663David Mail12 September 1962BristolEngland
664Russell Wilcox25 March 1964HemsworthEngland
665David Hockaday9 November 1957SedgefieldEngland
666Kevin Dearden8 March 1970LutonEngland
667David Norton3 March 1965CannockEngland
668Tommy Wright29 August 1963BelfastNorthern Ireland
669Lee Butler30 May 1966SheffieldEngland
670Gary Hobson12 November 1972North FerribyEngland
671Steve Wilson24 April 1974HullEngland
672Neil Allison20 October 1973HullEngland
673David Walmsley23 November 1972HullEngland
674Alan Fettis1 February 1971NewtonardsNorthern Ireland (13)
675Mick Matthews25 September 1960HullEngland
676Gareth Stoker22 February 1973Bishop AucklandEngland
677Stuart Young16 December 1972HullEngland
678Dean Windass1 April 1969HullEngland
679Darren France8 August 1967HullEngland
680John Pearson1 September 1963SheffieldEngland
681Tony Kelly14 February 1966MeridenEngland
682Gary Lund13 September 1964GrimsbyEngland
683Gareth Williams12 March 1967Newport IOWEngland
684Nicky Mohan6 October 1970MiddlesbroughEngland
685Matt Edeson11 August 1976BeverleyEngland
686Martin Carruthers7 August 1972NottinghamEngland
687Rob Miller3 November 1972ManchesterEngland
688Greg Abbott14 December 1963CoventryEngland
689Linton Brown12 April 1968DriffieldEngland
690David Jones3 July 1964HarrowEngland
691Dean Stowe27 March 1975BurnleyEngland
692Brian Mitchell30 July 1963StonehavenScotland
693Steve Moran10 January 1961CroydonEngland
694Chris Lee18 June 1971HalifaxEngland
695Neil Mann19 November 1972NottinghamScotland
696Matthew Hopkin17 October 1974HullEngland
697Matthew Bound9 November 1972MelkshamEngland
698Adam Lowthorpe7 August 1975HullEngland
699Richard Peacock29 October 1972SheffieldEngland
700Chris Hargreaves12 May 1972CleethorpesEngland
701Rob Dewhurst10 September 1971KeighleyEngland
702Simon Dakin30 November 1974NottinghamEngland
703Jimmy Graham5 November 1969GlasgowScotland
704Craig Lawford25 November 1972DewsburyEngland
705Paul Cox6 January 1972NottinghamEngland
706Ray Wallace2 October 1969GreenwichEngland
707Warren Joyce20 January 1965OldhamEngland
708Ian Ormondroyd22 September 1964BradfordEngland
709Paul Fewings18 February 1978HullEngland
710Mike Quigley2 October 1970ManchesterEngland
711Andy Mason22 November 1974BoltonEngland
712Glenn Humphries11 August 1964HullEngland
713Andy Williams29 July 1962BirminghamEngland
714Gavin Gordon24 June 1979ManchesterEngland
715Tommy Watson29 September 1969LiverpoolEngland
716Lee Pridmore23 April 1978RotherhamEngland
717Bobby Davison17 July 1959South ShieldsEngland
718Simon Trevitt20 December 1967DewsburyEngland
719Richard Fidler26 October 1976SheffieldEngland
720Kenny Gilbert8 March 1975AberdeenScotland
721Roy Carroll30 September 1977EnniskillenNorthern Ireland
722Jamie Marks18 March 1977BelfastNorthern Ireland
723Paul Wharton26 June 1977Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
724Ian Wilkinson19 September 1977North FerribyEngland
725Duane Darby17 October 1973BirminghamEngland
726Scott Maxfield13 July 1976DoncasterEngland
727Tony Brien10 February 1969DublinIreland
728Antonio Doncel31 January 1967Pobra de San Xiao
729Gregor Rioch24 June 1975Sutton ColdfieldEngland
730Ian Wright10 March 1972LichfieldEngland
731Andy Brown11 October 1976EdinburghScotland
732Mark Greaves22 January 1975HullEngland
733Robbie Turner18 September 1966LittlethorpeEngland
734Christian Sansam26 December 1975HullEngland
735Aidan Davison11 May 1968SedgefieldNorthern Ireland
736Lee Ellington3 July 1980BradfordEngland
737Stuart Elliott27 August 1977LondonEngland
738Patrick Dickinson6 May 1978Vancouver
739Sam Sharman7 November 1977HullEngland
740Mark Hateley7 November 1961DerbyEngland
741Scott Thomson8 November 1966EdinburghScotland
742Glyn Hodges30 April 1963StreathamWales
743Kevin Gage21 April 1964ChiswickEngland
744Chris Bettney27 October 1977ChesterfieldEngland
745Matt Hocking30 January 1978BostonEngland
746David Rocastle2 May 1967LewishamEngland
747Brian McGinty10 December 1976East KilbrideScotland
748Ben Morley22 December 1980HullEngland
749Mike Edwards25 April 1980HessleEngland
750Dexter Tucker22 September 1979PontefractEngland
751Steven Boyack4 September 1976EdinburghScotland
752David Brown2 October 1978BoltonEngland
753David D’Auria16 March 1970SwanseaWales
754Jon French25 September 1976BristolEngland
755Steven Hawes17 July 1978High WycombeEngland
756Neil Whitworth12 April 1972Ince-in-MakerfieldEngland
757Paul Gibson1 November 1976SheffieldEngland
758Craig Dudley12 September 1979OllertonEngland
759Justin Whittle18 March 1971DerbyEngland
760Steve Swales26 December 1973WhitbyEngland
761Craig Faulconbridge20 April 1978NuneatonEngland
762Andy Oakes11 January 1977NorthwichEngland
763Jason Perry2 April 1970CaerphillyWales
764Jon Whitney23 December 1970NantwichEngland
765Mark Bonner7 June 1974OrmskirkEngland
766Gary Brabin9 December 1970LiverpoolEngland
767Adam Bolder25 October 1980HullEngland
768Colin Alcide14 April 1972HuddersfieldEngland
769Gerry Harrison15 April 1972LambethEngland
770Lee Bracey11 September 1968BarkingEngland
771Steve Harper3 February 1969Newcastle-under-LymeEngland
772Jason Harris24 November 1976SuttonEngland
773Jamie Wood21 September 1978SalfordCayman Islands (2)
774John Eyre9 October 1974HullEngland
775John Schofield16 May 1965BarnsleyEngland
776Matthew Baker18 December 1979HarrogateEngland
777Steve Morgan19 September 1968OldhamEngland
778Richard Knight3 August 1979Burton Upon TrentEngland
779Theodore Whitmore5 August 1972Montego Bay
Jamaica (28)
780Ian Goodison21 November 1972Montego Bay
Jamaica (25)
781Stephen Bywater7 June 1981ManchesterEngland
782Kevin Betsy20 March 1978WokingSeychelles
783Nick Culkin6 July 1978YorkEngland
784Gary Bradshaw30 December 1982BeverleyEngland
785Lee Philpott21 February 1970BarnetEngland
786Phil Brumwell8 August 1975Newton AycliffeEngland
787David Brightwell7 January 1971LutterworthEngland
788Clint Marcelle9 November 1968Port of Spain
Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad & Tobago
789Paul Musselwhite27 December 1968PortsmouthEngland
790Kevin Francis6 December 1967BirminghamSaint Kitts & Nevis
791Rodney Rowe30 July 1975HuddersfieldEngland
792Andy Holt21 April 1978StockportEngland
793Gary Taylor-Fletcher4 June 1981LiverpoolEngland
794Mark Atkins14 September 1968DoncasterEngland
795Rob Matthews14 October 1970SloughEngland
796Gary Alexander15 August 1979LambethEngland
797David Beresford11 November 1976MiddletonEngland
798Lawrie Dudfield7 May 1980SouthwarkEngland
799Matt Glennon8 October 1978StockportEngland
800Julian Johnsson24 February 1975Faroe IslandsFaroe Islands (3)
801Ryan Williams31 August 1978Sutton-in-AshfieldEngland
802Michael Price29 April 1982WrexhamWales
803David Lee28 March 1980BasildonEngland
804Ben Petty22 March 1977SolihullEngland
805Matt Bloomer3 November 1978GrimsbyEngland
806Michael Reddy24 March 1980GraiguenamanaghIreland
807Paul Tait24 October 1974Newcastle Upon TyneEngland
808Richard Sneekes30 October 1968Amsterdam
809Caleb Folan26 October 1982LeedsIreland (7)
810Matthew Wicks8 September 1978ReadingEngland
811Neil Roberts7 April 1978WrexhamWales
812Jason van Blerk16 March 1968Sydney
813David Norris22 February 1981StamfordEngland
814Kyle Lightbourne29 September 1968Hamilton
815Adrian Caceres10 January 1982Buenos Aires
816John Anderson2 October 1972GreenockScotland
817Ian Ashbee6 September 1976BirminghamEngland
818Stuart Elliott23 July 1978BelfastNorthern Ireland (26)
819Stuart Green15 June 1981CarlisleEngland
820Shaun Smith9 April 1971LeedsEngland
821Greg Strong5 September 1975BoltonEngland
822Simon Johnson9 March 1983West BromwichEngland
823Carl Regan14 January 1980LiverpoolEngland
824Owen Morrison8 December 1981LondonderryNorthern Ireland
825Dean Keates30 June 1978WalsallEngland
826Phil Jevons1 August 1979LiverpoolEngland
827Nathan Peat19 September 1982HullEngland
828Richie Appleby18 September 1975MiddlesbroughEngland
829Michael Branch18 October 1978LiverpoolEngland
830Steve Burton10 October 1982HullEngland
831Damien Delaney20 July 1981CorkIreland
832Liam Chapman17 January 1984LeedsEngland
833Jamie Heard11 August 1983SheffieldEngland
834Scott Kerr11 December 1981LeedsEngland
835Clayton Donaldson7 February 1984BradfordJamaica
836Russell Fry4 December 1985HullEngland
837Simon Russell19 March 1985HullEngland
838Steve Melton3 October 1978LincolnEngland
839Marc Joseph10 November 1976LeicesterAntigua and Barbuda
840Danny Webb2 July 1983PooleEngland
841Jamie Forrester1 November 1974BradfordEngland
842Jon Walters20 September 1983MoretonIreland
843Martin Reeves7 September 1981BirminghamEngland
844Jon Otsemobor23 March 1983LiverpoolEngland
845Ben Burgess9 November 1981BuxtonIreland
846Richard Hinds22 August 1980SheffieldEngland
847Danny Allsopp10 August 1978Melbourne
848Jason Price12 April 1977PontypriddWales
849Alton Thelwell5 September 1980IslingtonEngland
850Andy Dawson20 October 1978NorthallertonEngland
851Michel Kuipers26 June 1974Amsterdam
852Ryan France13 December 1980SheffieldEngland
853Boaz Myhill9 November 1982Modesto
Wales (8)
854Lee Marshall21 January 1979IslingtonEngland
855Junior Lewis9 October 1973WembleyEngland
856Scott Wiseman9 October 1985HullGibraltar
857Nicky Barmby11 February 1974HullEngland
858Leon Cort11 September 1979BermondseyGuyana
859Aaron Wilbraham21 October 1979KnutsfordEngland
860Delroy Facey22 April 1980HuddersfieldGrenada
861Matt Duke16 June 1977SheffieldEngland
862Roland Edge25 November 1978GillinghamEngland
863Michael Keane29 December 1982DublinIreland
864Stevland Angus16 September 1980WestminsterEngland
865Kevin Ellison23 February 1979LiverpoolEngland
866Andy Hessenthaler17 August 1965GravesendEngland
867Robbie Stockdale30 November 1979RedcarScotland
868Craig Fagan11 December 1982BirminghamEngland
869Danny Coles31 October 1981BristolEngland
870Mark Lynch2 September 1981ManchesterEngland
871Steven McPhee5 June 1981GlasgowScotland
872Keith Andrews13 September 1980DublinIreland
873Curtis Woodhouse17 April 1980BeverleyEngland
874Sergio Leite16 August 1979Oporto
875John Welsh10 January 1984LiverpoolEngland
876Chris Brown11 December 1984DoncasterEngland
877Sam Collins5 June 1977PontefractEngland
878Billy Paynter13 July 1984LiverpoolEngland
879Jon Parkin30 December 1981BarnsleyEngland
880Darryl Duffy16 April 1984GlasgowScotland
881Mark Noble8 May 1987Canning TownEngland
882Alan Rogers3 January 1977LiverpoolEngland
883Rui Marques3 September 1977Luanda
884Michael Turner9 November 1983LewishamEngland
885Dean Marney31 January 1984BarkingEngland
886Sam Ricketts11 October 1981AylesburyWales (24)
887David Livermore20 May 1980EdmontonEngland
888Michael Bridges5 August 1978North ShieldsEngland
889Nicky Forster8 September 1973CaterhamEngland
890Danny Mills18 May 1977NorwichEngland
891Mark Yeates11 January 1985DublinIreland
892Jason Jarrett14 September 1979BuryEngland
893Nicky Featherstone22 September 1988GooleEngland
894Ray Parlour7 March 1973RomfordEngland
895Ricardo Vaz Te1 October 1986Lisbon
896Lee Peltier11 December 1986LiverpoolEngland
897Nathan Doyle12 January 1987DerbyEngland
898Richard Garcia4 September 1981Perth
Australia (13)
899Bryan Hughes19 June 1976LiverpoolEngland
900Wayne Brown20 August 1977BarkingEngland
901Jay-Jay Okocha14 August 1973Enugu
902Henrik Pedersen10 June 1975Kjellerup
903Fraizer Campbell13 September 1987HuddersfieldEngland
904Will Atkinson14 October 1988DriffieldEngland
905Simon Walton13 September 1987Sherburn-in-ElmetEngland
906Neil Clement3 October 1978ReadingEngland
907George Boateng5 September 1975Nkawkaw
908Anthony Gardner19 September 1980StoneEngland
909Geovanni 11 January 1980Acaiaca
910Marlon King26 April 1980DulwichJamaica (1)
911Peter Halmosi25 September 1979Szombathely
Hungary (12)
912Bernard Mendy20 August 1981Evreux
913Liam Cooper30 August 1991HullScotland
914Paul McShane6 January 1986WicklowIreland (21)
915Kamil Zayatte7 March 1985Conakry
Guinea (17)
916Daniel Cousin7 February 1977Libreville
Gabon (12)
917Stylianos Giannakopoulos12 July 1974Athens
918Kevin Kilbane1 February 1977PrestonIreland (16)
919Manucho7 March 1983Luanda
Angola (1)
920Tony Warner11 May 1974LiverpoolTrinidad & Tobago
921Jimmy Bullard23 October 1978NewhamEngland
922Stephen Hunt1 August 1980Port LaoiseIreland (4)
923Steven Mouyokolo24 November 1987Melun
924Seyi Olofinjana30 June 1980Lagos
Nigeria (4)
925Kamel Ghilas9 March 1984Marseille
Algeria (6)
926Jozy Altidore6 November 1989Livingston
USA (8)
927Tom Cairney20 January 1991NottinghamScotland
928Ibrahima Sonko22 January 1981Bignola
929Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink7 November 1978Oldenzaal
930Mark Cullen24 April 1992StakefordEngland
931Amr Zaki1 April 1983Mansoura
Egypt (1)
932John Bostock13 October 1991CamberwellEngland
933Nolberto Solano12 December 1974Callao
934Jamie Devitt6 July 1990DublinIreland
935Robert Koren20 September 1980Radlje ob Dravi
Slovenia (11)
936Jay Simpson1 December 1988EnfieldEngland
937Daniel Ayala7 November 1990Sevilla
938Anthony Gerrard6 February 1986LiverpoolEngland
939Rowan Vine21 September 1982BasingstokeEngland
940James Harper9 November 1980ChelmsfordEngland
941Liam Rosenior9 July 1984WandsworthEngland
942Vito Mannone2 March 1988Desio
943Cameron Stewart8 April 1991ManchesterEngland
944Brad Guzan9 September 1984Chicago
945Aaron McLean25 May 1983HammersmithEngland
946Matty Fryatt5 March 1986NuneatonEngland
947James Chester23 January 1989WarringtonWales (6)
948Corry Evans30 July 1990BelfastNorthern Ireland (11)
949Tijani Belaid6 September 1987Paris
950Jack Hobbs18 August 1988PortsmouthEngland
951David Amoo23 April 1991LondonEngland
952Hope Akpan14 August 1991LiverpoolNigeria
953Dele Adebola23 June 1975Lagos
954Robbie Brady14 January 1992BelfastIreland (11)
955Joe Dudgeon26 November 1990LeedsNorthern Ireland
956Peter Gulacsi6 May 1990Budapest
957Paul McKenna20 October 1977EcclestonEngland
958Adriano Basso18 April 1975Jundiai
959Danny East23 January 1992HessleEngland
960Martin Pusic24 October 1987Vienna
961Martyn Waghorn23 January 1990South ShieldsEngland
962Josh King15 January 1992Oslo
963Sonny Bradley14 June 1992HedonEngland
964Ben Amos10 April 1990MacclesfieldEngland
965Abdoulaye Faye26 February 1978Dakar
966Nick Proschwitz28 November 1986Weibenfels
967Alex Bruce28 September 1984NorwichNorthern Ireland (2)
968Sone Aluko19 February 1989BirminghamNigeria (5)
969Ahmed Elmohamady9 September 1987Basyoun
Egypt (22)
970Stephen Quinn4 April 1986DublinIreland (12)
971David Meyler29 May 1989CorkIreland (22)
972David Stockdale20 September 1985LeedsEngland
973Eldin Jakupovic2 October 1984Prijedor
974Dougie Wilson3 March 1994MarkethillNorthern Ireland
975Mark Oxley2 June 1990AstonEngland
976Mohamed Nagy30 October 1984Damanhur
Egypt (5)
977Ahmed Fathi10 November 1984Cairo
Egypt (3)
978George Boyd2 October 1985ChathamScotland (2)
979Curtis Davies15 March 1985Waltham ForestSierra Leone
980Maynor Figueroa2 May 1983Jutiapa
Honduras (22)
981Danny Graham12 August 1985GatesheadEngland
982Allan McGregor31 January 1982EdinburghScotland (9)
983Yannick Sagbo12 July 1988Marseille
Cote d’Ivoire
984Tom Huddlestone28 December 1986NottinghamEngland
985Jake Livermore14 November 1989EnfieldEngland
986Steve Harper14 March 1975EasingtonEngland
987Conor Townsend4 March 1993HessleEngland
988Calaum Jahraldo-Martin27 April 1993Hemel HempsteadAntigua and Barbuda (16)
989Conor Henderson8 September 1991SidcupIreland
990Nikica Jelavic27 August 1985Capljina
Croatia (5)
991Shane Long22 January 1987GortnahoeIreland (5)
992Tom Ince30 January 1992StockportEngland
993Robert Snodgrass7 September 1987GlasgowScotland (6)
994Andy Robertson11 March 1994GlasgowScotland (13)
995Harry Maguire5 March 1993SheffieldEngland
996Michael Dawson18 November 1983LeyburnEngland
997Mohamed Diame14 June 1987Creteil
Senegal (7)
998Abel Hernandez8 August 1990Pando Canelones
Uruguay (15)
999Hatem Ben Arfa7 March 1987Clamart
1000Gaston Ramirez2 December 1990Montevideo
Uruguay (3)
1001Dame N’Doye
21 February 1985Thies
1002Chuba Akpom9 October 1995Canning TownEngland
1003Sam Clucas25 September 1990LincolnEngland
1004Isaac Hayden22 March 1995ChelmsfordEngland
1005Ryan Taylor19 August 1984LiverpoolEngland
1006Greg Luer6 December 1994BrightonEngland
1007Moses Odubajo28 July 1993GreenwichEngland
1008Matt Dixon19 December 1994HullEngland
1009Shaun Maloney24 January 1983Miri
Scotland (6)
1010Adama Diomandé14 February 1990Oslo
Norway (10)
1011Josh Tymon22 May 1999HullEngland
1012Nick Powell23 March 1994CreweEngland
1013Brian Lenihan8 June 1994CorkIreland
1014Jarrod Bowen20 December 1996LeominsterEngland
1015Dusan Kuciak21 May 1985Žilina
1016Greg Olley2 February 1996DurhamEngland
1017Will Keane11 January 1993StockportEngland
1018Ryan Mason13 June 1991EnfieldEngland
1019Dieumerci Mbokani22 November 1985Kinshasa
DR Congo
DR Congo (5)
1020Markus Henriksen25 July 1992Trondheim
Norway (27)
1021David Marshall5 March 1985GlasgowScotland (5)
1022James Weir4 August 1995PrestonEngland
1023Evandro Goebel23 August 1986Blumenau
1024Oumar Niasse18 April 1990Ouakam
1025Omar Elabdellaoui5 December 1991Surnadal
Norway (1)
1026Lazar Markovic2 March 1994Cacak
1027Andrea Ranocchia16 February 1988Assisi, ItalyItaly
1028Kamil Grosicki8 June 1988Szczecin
Poland (25)
1029Alfred N’Diaye6 March 1990Paris, FranceSenegal (1)
1030Ola Aina8 October 1996SouthwarkNigeria
1031Max Clark19 January 1996HullEngland
1032Michael Hector19 July 1992East HamJamaica
1033Ondrej Mazuch15 March 1989Hodonin
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
1034Sebastian Larsson6 June 1985Eskilstuna
Sweden (13)
1035Kevin Stewart7 September 1993EnfieldJamaica
1036Will Annan5 September 1996BeverleyScotland
1037Daniel Batty10 December 1997PontefractEngland
1038Josh Clackstone18 September 1996BeverleyEngland
1039Brandon Fleming3 December 1999HullEngland
1040Tyler Hamilton5 January 1999HullEngland
1041Will Mannion5 May 1998LondonEngland
1042Robbie McKenzie25 September 1998HullEngland
1043Ellis Barkworth15 October 1997HullEngland
1044Ben Hinchliffe25 September 1997HullEngland
1045Stephen Kingsley23 July 1994StirlingScotland
1046Jon Toral5 February 1995Reus
1047Nouha Dicko14 May 1992Saint Maurice
Mali (1)
1048Jackson Irvine7 March 1993Melbourne
Australia (21)
1049Fikayo Tomori19 December 1997Calgary
1050Angus MacDonald15 October 1992WinchesterEngland
1051Harry Wilson22 March 1997WrexhamWales (2)
1052Reece Burke2 September 1996NewhamEngland
1053Jordy de Wijs8 January 1995Kortrijk
1054Todd Kane17 September 1993HuntingdonEngland
1055Eric Lichaj17 November 1988Downers Grove
USA (1)
1056David Milinkovic20 May 1994Antibes
1057Adam Curry21 May 1997JarrowEngland
1058George Long5 November 1993SheffieldEngland
1059Max Sheaf10 March 2000DartfordEngland
1060Tommy Elphick7 September 1987BrightonEngland
1061Chris Martin4 November 1988BecclesScotland
1062Keane Lewis-Potter22 February 2001HullEngland
1063Marc Pugh2 April 1987BacupEngland
1064Liam Ridgewell21 July 1984BexleyheathEngland
1065Ryan Tafazolli28 September 1991SuttonEngland
1066Josh Bowler5 March 1999ChertseyEngland
1067Tom Eaves4 December 1991LiverpoolEngland
1068George Honeyman8 September 1994PrudhoeEngland
1069Matt Ingram18 December 1993High WycombeEngland
1070Leonardo da Silva Lopes30 November 1998Lisbon
1071Josh Magennis15 August 1990BangorNorthern Ireland (21)
1072Matthew Pennington6 October 1994WarringtonEngland
1073Callum Elder23 January 1995Sydney
Australia (1)
1074Norbert Balogh21 February 1996Hajdúböszörmény
1075Herbie Kane23 November 1998BristolEngland
1076Martin Samuelsen17 April 1997Haugesund
1077Mallik Wilks15 December 1998LeedsEngland
1078Marcus Maddison26 September 1993DurhamEngland
1079Sean McLoughlin13 November 1996CorkIreland
1080James Berry10 December 2000WiganEngland
1081James Scott30 August 2000GlasgowScotland
1082Greg Docherty10 September 1996MilngavieScotland
1083Josh Emmanuel18 August 1997LondonEngland
1084Richie Smallwood29 December 1990RedcarEngland
1085Festus Arthur27 February 2000Hamburg
1086Harvey Cartwright9 May 2002GrimsbyEngland
1087Jacob Greaves12 September 2000CottinghamEngland
1088Alfie Jones7 October 1997BristolEngland
1089Callum Jones5 April 2001BirkenheadWales
1090Billy Chadwick19 January 2000HullEngland
1091Jordan Hickey4 October 1999SunderlandEngland
1092Lewie Coyle15 October 1995HullEngland
1093Thomas Mayer23 August 1995Linz
1094Hakeeb Adelakun11 June 1996HackneyEngland
1095Regan Slater11 September 1999GleadlessEngland
1096Ahmed Salam30 December 2000HullEngland
1097Andy Smith11 September 2001BanburyEngland
1098Gavin Whyte31 January 1996BelfastNorthern Ireland (2)
1099Dan Crowley3 August 1997CoventryEngland
1100Jordan Flores4 October 1995WiganEngland
1101Harry Wood8 August 2002LeedsEngland
1102George Moncur18 August 1993SwindonEngland
1103Matt Smith22 November 1999RedditchWales (1)
1104Andy Cannon14 March 1996Ashton-under-LymeEngland
1105Nathan Baxter8 November 1998WestminsterEngland
1106DiShon Bernard14 October 2000WandsworthJamaica
1107Will Jarvis17 December 2002YorkEngland
1108Ryan Longman6 November 2000RedhillEngland
1109Randell Williams30 December 1996LambethEngland
1110Tyler Smith4 December 1998SheffieldEngland
1111Josh Hinds29 March 2003EssexEngland
1112Jevon Mills27 September 2003NottinghamIreland
1113Marcus Forss18 June 1999Turku
Finland (1)
1114Allahyar Sayyadmanesh29 June 2001Amol
Iran (2)
1115Liam Walsh15 September 1997HuytonEngland
1116Oscar Estupinan29 December 1996Cali
1117Tobias Figueiredo2 February 1994Satao
1118Jean Michael Seri19 July 1991Grand-Bereby
Cote d’Ivoire
Cote d’Ivoire (7)
1119Ozan Tufan23 March 1995Orhaneli
1120Benjamin Tetteh10 July 1997Accra
1121Vaughn Covil26 July 2003San Diego
1122David Robson22 January 2002NorthallertonWales
1123Ryan Woods13 December 1993Norton CanesEngland
1124Cyrus Christie30 September 1992CoventryIreland
1125Dimitrios Pelkas26 October 1993Giannitsa
Greece (4)
1126Harvey Vale11 September 2003Haywards HeathEngland
1127Dogukan Sinik21 January 1999Antalya
Turkiye (1)
1128Xavier Simons20 February 2003HammersmithEngland
1129Aaron Connolly28 January 2000Oranmore
Ireland (1)
1130Malcolm Ebiowei4 September 2003LondonEngland
1131Karl Darlow8 October 1990NorthamptonEngland
1132Adama Traore28 June 1995Bamako
1133Harry Vaughan6 April 2004TraffordIreland
1134Liam Delap8 February 2003WinchesterEngland
1135Ruben Vinagre9 April 1999Charneca de Caparica
1136Jason Lokilo17 September 1998Brussels
DR Congo
1137Scott Twine14 July 1999SwindonEngland
1138Jaden Philogene8 February 2002HammersmithEngland
1139Tyler Morton31 October 2002BirkenheadEngland
1140Ryan Allsop17 June 1992BirminghamEngland